Monday, December 31, 2007

Our New Year's Eve Plans!

Last year I read about having an hourly party with your kids to ring in the New Year. We have decided to do this. We have 11 bags with a clock face on the front of each bag. Each clock has a different time from 1pm until 12 am. The boys will have to find the correct bag for each hour. Starting at 1pm they will have one bag to open until midnight. Inside each bag is either an activity or a clue to an activity that we can do for that hour. I was going to start at noon, but we have some errands to run in the morning and I want to make sure we can start on time.
This was so much fun planning. I did this last minute and am pretty much using items I already had around the house. I did buy a couple of things(on clearance of course!).

Here is the clue and what is in our bag each hour.

Bag 1~ 1pm

The countdown is on 10, 9, 8….this day is going to be just great!
Can you guess what we’re making to start off the fun?
The ingredients include English muffins, sauce and cheese. This combination is sure to please!

activity: Homemade pizzas

Bag 2~2pm

Bits and pieces mixed all around.
Large and small, short and tall each have their
Own special place
So lets clear a space and get started right now!

activity: Two small wooden puzzles

Bag 3~3pm

What is sticky but not icky?
What do you think?
It’s something fun that needs paper
but requires no ink!

activity: several sheets of their favorite character stickers

Bag 4~4pm

A Cat and mouse are hiding in our house
They have lots of fun and are always on the run.
Look under the tree before they flee!

activity: Tom and Jerry Movie

Bag 5~5pm

What’s in this bag? What it could be?
Why it looks like two pieces of candy!
It is a clue to a game that we’ll play
And candy is King and rules the day!

activity: Playing Candyland DVD game
(this is wrapped and under the tree)

Bag 6~6pm

What do think we’ll be doing this hour?
Sometimes you get to play with these in shower.
They are round and clear and you have to blow really hard!
Mommy usually makes you play with it out in the yard!

activity: Bubbles in the house!


Rice??? What is that doing in here?
It’s time to make noisemakers, to ring in 2008.
We’d better get them made, before it gets too

activity: making homemade noise makers

Bag 8~8pm

Punch Buggy blue and punch buggy green!
Lets play, have some fun, shout and scream!
We won’t get too rough, but have lots of fun,
Trying to see who is number one!

activity: Playing the new punch buggy card game

Bag 9 & 10 ~9pm

(I decided to combine these two hours to give us enough time to watch the movie)

It’s nine pm! Time for a movie!
How about Shreck III
shall we watch and see? There’s a snack
and a drink for us all! Yippeee!!

activity: watching Shreck III

Bag 11~11pm

The time is getting closer to say goodbye to 2007
so lets go outside and add some sparkle to the night
We’ll light up the sky before we say goodbye!

activity: Sparklers and glowsticks

Bag 12~12am

We'll open this bag about 15 minutes before midnight.

The time is finally near! We ring in the New Year
With balloons, confetti and cheer! So get out your
Noisemakers, blow up those balloons. 2008 will be here

activity: Confetti to throw and balloons to blow up!

A couple of other things we will be doing during the evening. Each year we make two signs, one that says "goodbye 2007" and one that says "welcome 2008".
Then we put the camera on the tripod and take two family pictures holding each sign.

A second tradition we are starting this year is a memory book. I am taking a blank journal and we are each going to write what our favorite memories were for 2007.

What special ways do you celebrate the New Year?


Debbie said...

What a wonderful idea. Our little ones don't stay up that late, but we could certainly use this idea at an earlier hour. What fun!

MyEbella said...

omg what an awesome idea... we are just sticking close to home so that would have been perfect!!
Sooo writing that down for next year (might even have to steal some clue ideas too)....
Love the journal and the pictures idea!!!

Keep the great ideas coming... I love reading the blog for new ideas

ReviewsbyHeidi said...

You have THE BEST ideas! I would have loved to think up something fun like this to do with the kids, and then just spend a nice, quiet evening at home~ having fun and celebrating with family. I wish you would have posted this about a week ago!
Anyway, turns out we rang in the new year with two sick little ones~ Ian and Gracie BOTH had the flu. Ugh! Hopefully '08 will get off to a better start than '07 ended!

michellel said...

Neat Idea, bet that kept them busy and bet they were ready to hit the hay last night!