Wednesday, August 27, 2008

My Mini Sweeper

I have this wonderful little mini sweeper. I use it daily! It is a little hand held manual sweeper. It is made of plastic with a brush roller inside. You run it across whatever mess you have crumbs on the floor, a dry cereal spill, crumbs on the kitchen table or like I do for cleaning the crumbs on my kitchen chairs which are upholstered and always look like my boys have been grinding the crumbs in with their feet have crumbs on them after each meal. It works like a charm. To empty you simply remove the top, shake into the trash and your good to go for the next mess. I have had mine for many years. I bought it at our local flea market for about $3. Now I wouldn't go replacing your vacuum, but for a quick clean up it works great! For more great works for me wednesday idea visit Rocks In My Dryer

1 comment:

Amy said...

I could use one of these for my couches and Shannon's car too. (I think my boys smash chicken tender crumbs into the car upholstery too.) ;)

Do you know what stores carry them?
That would be so much easier than dragging the vacuum out for the smaller messes.

Great idea!

God Bless,