Friday, October 24, 2008

Night of the Moonjellies

A few weeks ago we rowed Night of the Moonjellies by Mark Shasha! This is one of our Five In A Row books What a wonderful story about a young boy living in New England helping his family in their roadside hotdog stand! We had so much fun learning about moonjellies and jellyfish! We even made a meal like what was served in the story!

We learned that moonjellies do not sting like a true jellyfish does and that moonjellies are bioluminescent meaning they emit light. They are very cool creatures! We can't wait to be able to see some in person with a trip to the Aquarium.

We made our own moonjellies using tissue paper inside a baggie, a coffee filter for the outside and some curling ribbon for the tentacles. The boys used markers to decorate them.

Our server

greeting our patron and handing out the menu~our resident cook~please don't call him a chef for some reason the word chef insults him! (he was in charge of dipping the onion rings) standing on the chair

burgers and dogs up!
homemade lobster rolls and onion rings

Our Night of the Moonjellies lapbook


left inside
right side~this is a double lapbook~two file folders glued together

right side
I even made a pocket in the back for this lapbook to hold Justin's extra work
this is what was in the pocket

Justin's aquatic biome. This was fun! We took blue paper and cut a piece of sandpaper in a wavy line to look like the shore is meeting the sea. We added lots of stickers and some real pieces of sea glass.


Amy said...

What a fun unit! :)
You make learning so fun and memorable.
And tell "the resident cook" that he did a nice job! Next time hamburgers and onion rings are on the menu, call me.;)

God Bless,

Nancy M. said...

That is an awesome project. 5 in a row looks fun! I love how you made the moonjellies and had a dinner too!

Mia said...

I wonder if Steve and Jane L. have seen your blog? If not they should because you really make FIAR *SHINE* : )!!!!

Debbie said...

Great job! This looks like a fun lapbook. You always have a terrific mix of learning with super fun activities. Way to go!

bethany said...

I wanted to let you know I nominated your blog for the Best Crafts, Plans & Projects Blog. :)


Cindy said...

This was one of our favorite books - and OH MY it looks like you had fun! :o)

Jen Unsell said...

I love that sandpaper craft! What a clever idea!

Janet said...

I love your post. What fun!
I met Mark Shasha many years ago. He was an extremely friendly, creative and handsome man. He came to our elementary school in Groton, CT and read his book to the kids in the late 1990s and left a lasting impression. He even passed out some sea glass for the children.
Moonjellies will always be one of our favorites. Great memories.
I also think the sandpaper is a great idea. :-) blessings,

kenziekylanmom said...

We loved this book too! I love your lapbook of it and your dinner menu!

Michelle said...

We begin rowing this book next week and can't wait! It looks as if you had fun and I enjoy seeing all of your projects. Can't wait to make our own lobster rolls, onion rings, and burgers! Thanks for sharing.