Friday, July 17, 2009

Justin's Birthday

Last week we celebrated Justin's birthday. We celebrated his actual birthday on the 10th and then had his party Sunday. He wanted a Star Wars party this year. We managed to pull it off and everyone had a wonderful time! Especially the birthday boy! Here are a few highlights.

Favorite gifts

Justin was very surprised by this gift. He loves to watch a show called Life After People. On a recent episode they showed the Petronas twin towers in Malaysia. (I feel a unit study coming on) He was fascinated. I was not surprised. He loves architecture. Can you believe that he spotted these twin towers from Malaysia in our local thrift store. We had already paid for our purchases and he wanted them. We told him no. Larry went back in and bought them for him!

His other favorites were the Lego Seattle Space Needle and The Empire State Building. These are so neat! He loved them!

The Star Wars party!

Well I managed to pull off a star wars party! Here is the cake. Justin wanted the Death Star. I started searching and found this version of the Death Star. The part sticking out of the side for those of you uneducated in all things star wars is the death ray!

We even managed to find the millennium falcon to "land" on the death star. (it is a key ring, we pulled the key ring part off)

I sprinkled confetti stars all around the cake and made cup cakes out of the remaining cake batter.

Of course no star wars party is complete without light sabers. We used pool noodles cut in half and added duct and electrical tape for the handle. These were a huge hit! a young Jedi knight getting ready for training!

another young Jedi knight wielding his light saber!

We played asteroid toss. The asteroids are just black felt cut into squares, hot glued and filled with rice. I also glued small pieces of felt on the fronts.

The Death Star pinata! I had actually started to make a pinata from paper mache. Saturday morning I checked on it and it had split down one side! What to do? I knew I didn't have time to repair it and have it dry in time. I did the next best thing. I went to the party store and bought a soccer pinata brought it home and spray painted it gray. Then I took black sparkly felt and made all the bays and doors on the death star. I also took a piece of gray felt and made the death ray. The kids loved it!

C3P0 made an appearance!

as did Darth Vader

along with a clone trooper!

(the masks came from the star wars website. I bought half masks at Walmart for about 50 cents each and hot glued them to the star wars faces)

a clone trooper down for the count.

some light saber training between my niece and her dad (my brother Mike)

time for cake!

The birthday boy!

He blew them all out!

time for some death star (pinata) destroying! Isn't my dh Larry so brave! Holding that pinata with a bunch of kids and a bat!

Yes he did get hit in the leg with the bat! He was ok...the picture looks bad, but he said it was more from surprise than pain....Surprise??? Whatdya mean? You can't see those kids and that bat? (the bat was foam with a hard center core)

the party goers!

Time for silly faces!


Sheri said...

Those are wonderful photos! Looks like a great day! Oh and "May the Force be with you"

Mia said...

Another creative birthday party Michele!! The smiles on Justin's face are precious : ) Your hubby looks like one of those videos on American's Funniest Videos but they don't get hit in the leg!! LOL!

Nancy M. said...

You are so creative! I love the light saber y'all made. Looks like everyone had fun!

Tracey said...

WHAT A GREAT PARTY! My husband and your son must have been separated at birth....he LOVES anything STAR TREK OR STAR WARS.

Candace said...

Happy belated birthday, Justin! Michele, you did a GREAT job on his party and cake! What a good momma you are! :) I enjoyed seeing his birthday pics!!

The Unsell Family said...

What a great party Michele!

Kristen @ Busy Kids = Happy Mom said...

Love this! I just added this to the 25 Kid Crafted Gifts Tutorial!
PS - I plan to make these as favors for my son's upcoming birthday! :) Thanks!