Monday, February 22, 2010

Science Kit

Back in November I found a post about homemade science kits at Roots and Wings. I tucked it away knowing that it would make a great gift one of these days. 

My nephew’s birthday was this month and I was thinking about what we could get him.  Then I remembered the science kit idea. I knew this would be a hit.  I set out in search of some cool science experiments.

My problem was choosing which experiments! There are so many, in books, on the internet ideas abound! I did research for a couple of days and finally came up with a list any 7 year old boys would love.

I used two websites.  Science Bob and Steve Spangler Science. This is a fantastic website where you can buy science kits, supplies and much more.  I went to the science experiments page and looked over the different experiments.                                                 

Here is a list of the experiments I used:

  • Silly Putty (also called Glacier Gak) this experiment worked really well. The boys and I tested this one.
  • Film Canister Rocket
  • Make Your Own Lava Lamp
  • Make Your Own Volcano
  • Clean Pennies with Vinegar
  • Color Mixing Tray Experiment
  • Grow a Dinosaur
  • Water Cubes Experiment
  • Jelly Marble Experiments
  • Baby Soda Bottle Test Tube Experiments

I typed them up and added a couple of science related graphics and put them in a three pronged folder. I wrote my nephew’s name on the front in the title laminated it, cut it out and attached it to the cover of the folder.


020 Inside the folder.


I picked up a container with a snap lid from the dollar store and filled it with the items necessary for the experiments.

007   I recycled some containers (I keep a large plastic tote filled with used clean containers that can be recycled for other uses.)  Pictured above:

  • salt
  • Borax
  • polymer clay (on sale for 99 cents at Michael’s craft store)
  • Elmer’s glue (bought in quanity for 20 cents at the back to school sale)
  • Magic snow (purchased at 5 Below)
  • Mini color mixing tray (Steve Spangler Science~SSS)
  • Film canisters (you can as at Walgreens, CVS, Rite Aid any store that has a photo center and they may give them to you. I was unable to find any so I bought them from SSS)
  • Baby soda bottle test tubes (SSS. I purchased 15 of them for $10 and they were divided up between three kids)
  • Pop rocks experiment kit (Dollar Tree)
  • Mentos Geyser Tube kit (You can order this from the SSS site, but I found it at 5 Below a bit cheaper. You actually don’t even need to buy this kit you can pick up a pack of mentos and use a test tube that will hold them in a row to drop them into a soda bottle for this experiment)
  • Liquid Marbles (these are similar as the jelly marbles you can buy at SSS but I found them in Dollar Tree for a $1.  The difference is they are already hydrated and the ones at SSS are dehydrated.)

008 I also put some of the supplies for the experiments in snack bags. 


  • Watch it grow dinosaur (5 Below for $1.50. You can also find these at Dollar Tree)
  • Pennies and screws for a penny experiment
  • Water Cubes (SSS)
  • Mentos~extra pack to do the soda geyser experiment a second time. (Dollar Tree)
  • Pipettes (Oriental Trading Company)
  • Antacid Tablets (like Alka-Seltzer only I purchased the generic)
  • Food Coloring


The science kit box all packed up and ready to go. I created a label for the top to match the experiment folder.

016 A few bigger items that would not fit in the box

  • connector and two one liter bottles for creating a tornado effect (SSS)
  • Vegetable Oil
  • Baking Soda
  • Vinegar
  • Empty soda bottle

024All ready to go into the gift bag.  This  kit did cost me a little over $25.  You could spend as little or as much as you wanted and really make kit for around $15 if you cut back on some of the more pricey items.  It was super fun putting it together and my boys and I are going to be trying many of these experiments though out the year.

 note: I do not work for Steve Spangler Science or get any compensation for the products mentioned.  I just love their products!


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This is such a fantastic idea that I'm going to copy you! You know they say that's the sincerest form of flattery!

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