Friday, January 7, 2011

Managing your goals

Last week I posted my goals for 2011 both for myself and my family. My list is pretty big.  While creating a list of goals is nice, following through on these goals are more important. It is always easy to make the list but not as easy to implement them or follow through with them.  I decided I needed to break them down into manageable chunks if I have any change of meeting any of them.

Breaking Your Goals Down

For me the easiest way to do this is to make monthly goals from my master list. I chose goals from each category that I listed in my original post. I have six categories and will have at least six goals or more. Now this does not mean I cannot do more than the goals I have listed but I will try to reach the ones I have listed for any given month.  I will do an update post at the end of each month to report on my progress. Would anyone care to join me? If you want to join in post in the comments below!

January Goals

Here is my list of goals I would like to reach by the end of January. 


For Myself

  • Bible Reading
  • Exercise

For Our Family

  • begin a family devotional
  • attend church regularly


  • start out $1000.00 baby emergency fund
  • search for areas to cut back


  • declutter my kitchen and keep the counters clean
  • organize all of my coupons


  • daily Bible time
  • organize our school supplies


  • a blog post on how we save money in one area
  • write blog posts ahead of time and schedule them to post



Debbie said...

Sounds like a great plan, Michele. I look forward to following through the year.

Michellel said...

It's great to establish goals for the year. I usually do it for each semester. But I also love the idea of putting the full year in perspective. I will have to think on this and establish some. Hope you meet all your goals this year!