Saturday, March 26, 2011

Lego Birthday Party Resources

Kaden decided he wanted a Lego birthday party back in January. When I started researching Lego parties I had no clue there were so many neat ideas out there!  I try to keep all of our birthday party expenses as low as possible. I had a hard time deciding which ones to use! (I wanted to use them all but restrained myself)


I am a dollar store shopper especially when it comes to disposable items however the plates, napkins, table cover and plastic ware came from Walmart. I had seen these square plates back in January and I thought they would be perfect for our party! The red cups came from the dollar store.


The Cake 

I  always make my own cake and my own icing to keep costs down. My favorite buttercream icing.

I knew I wanted to do some form of Lego brick but I had no idea they would be so tedious to make. I used two 8 x 8 pans and put half a cake mix in each. We had both yellow and chocolate cake. I made cupcakes with the remaining batter.  I used directions from the Betty Crocker website. 

Icing the cakes was relatively easy but I wanted a smoother look then the video showed (and I do not care for fondant). I used the paper towel technique to smooth down the cakes. The connectors on top of the cake are marshmallows and they were a pain to icing! A real pain! Looking back I think it would have been much easier to dip them in candy melts and just put them on top of the cake. I did not think of that until after I was done!



The piƱata

I cannot remember where I saw this idea. I have searched all of my links and cannot find it. I am thinking it must have been in a magazine as I distinctly remember seeing a photo.  Anyway it was very easy to make.  The directions stated to use a shirt box. I decided to use a deeper gift box that was square. I found a set of 2 in Walmart. (you know a back up in case I mess up! lol)

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I filled the box and wrapped it with blue gift wrap. You could do this in any color. I gave Kaden the choice of blue, red or green. He chose blue.  I used red ribbon for the handle and attached it with packing tape. Make sure you use a lot of packing tape. I thought I had it secure enough but it broke before the kids ever had a chance to give it one whack! For the connector parts of the Lego I used clear disposable plastic cup bottoms.(dollar store)I just cut the bottoms off. I attached them with glue dots. For the word Lego I used the Lego Logo that are used around the forks from this blog Shower of Roses. There are  a lot of great Lego printables and I used many of them.  For the logos I just reduced them before printing to make them small enough.



All of the games we played did not cost me any money other then the straws I bought for the Lego transfer game. They were reusable straws from the $1 store and each child got to keep their straw. You could just use disposable straws.

The straw toppers you can find here. I also printed out some extras of these and the Lego logo (in normal size) cut them out and taped them to the table cover for added decoration.



Lego Transfer

You will need a straw, small Lego pieces and a cup. The first one to transfer all of their Legos into the cup wins. This idea came from my friend Kendra over at Aussie Pumpkin Patch. She has a wonderful Lego printable party pack you can find here. 

 Legos on a spoon relay

All you need are two teams, Lego pieces and a container. Each team gets an equal amount of Legos in a small cup and a spoon. They fill their spoon with as many Legos as will fit on the spoon and race to a container on the opposite side of the room. The first team to empty their cup into the container without spilling any is the winner.

Lego Tower

I found this idea here. The time allotted for this game was 20 minutes. I changed it up a bit and we decided that 2 minutes would be more fun.  I just spread out a bunch of Legos on the table and we had them start. Whoever had the tallest tower when time was up was the winner.

Guess How Many?

We filled a jar with Legos and asked everyone to guess how many there were.  In this jar there were 150. We had everyone play this game adults and children and chose two winners. I found this idea here along with the printable for the guests to write their guess on.


I had prizes for all the games. Just small items from the dollar store. Mini ant farm, silly bands and a few candy bars.

 Cupcake Toppers

These are just printed on the computer and attached to a toothpick. From here and here.


Goodie Bags


Lego Brick Hershey bars~I  took Hershey bars and wrapped them in blue gift wrap and used office supply stickers (dollar store) as the connectors.


Lego Pencils~these are just sparkly pencils from the dollar store with those same Lego logos taped on.


Lego mini figure coloring books~ These are from Kendra.


Lego Bubbles~another item from the dollar store. The printables are from Kendra.


Lego mini figures~These were my best bargain! I paid $1.29 each for them when Lego had an online sale! These are actual mini figures that can be played with. The key chains can be removed with a bit of effort.

The bag toppers also came from Kendra.


Here are some additional Lego resources I found that might be helpful. There are so many more wonderful ideas that I did not post. Just search Lego parties and you will come up with a plethora of ideas!

Lego Party Games~I love the Lego Bingo game on this page. We did not play it at the party but we will be using it at home.

Lego Kirigami Mini figures~I love these and did not get a chance to do them.

Lego Bubble Wrap board~There are other ideas here as well but I love making a Lego board backdrop out of painted bubble wrap!

Roots and Wings Co~There are some very cool ideas here. One of my favorites is the Lego soap! 


Debbie said...

wow, Michele, what great ideas and you did a fantastic jobbing pulling off a wonderful party and being frugal at the same time. Super!

Zakka Life said...

Thanks for sharing a link to my Lego Kirigami figures :)

Love those straw toppers. I'm going to have to check out the link.


Nancy M. said...

Wow! What awesome ideas! I will have to remember this in case one of my boys would like a Lego party! With all that I would have thought your party would have cost a fortune. You rock at saving money and making it look cool!

Heremeow said...

Hey there, thanks for posting about my lego games you found on Glad you like the Lego bingo! -Kim :)

Aaron axel said...

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Aaron axel said...

I was looking for something like this ,Thank you for posting the great content about the bingo game online. I found it quiet interesting, hopefully you will keep posting such blogs…

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