Wednesday, May 11, 2011

A fun way to learn liquid measurement

For many years now we have used lidded cups for the boy’s drinks. They are similar to these cups the only difference being ours are insulated and I don’t use the hard straws that come with them.

These cups are allowed in all rooms of our house and have held up well for their water or iced tea.

Recently Justin has been asking for a bigger cup to use at mealtime. We do have large plastic cups but they seem to tip easily. We decided to look for some new glasses.

One day we were shopping in Dollar Tree and Larry came across these glasses. Justin and Kaden decided they were perfect for us! So we came home with four of them!


There are cup measurements on one side


and ounces on the other! So not only can we enjoy our beverage we can learn all about liquid measurement!

Oh and these cups do not leave the table. The lidded cups are still used for all other occasions!

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