Tuesday, May 31, 2011

A great yard sale find!

I love spring and summer because it means yard sale time is here! And that means bargains to be had!

We just love yard sales here. We have found some great deals at yard sales. On the other hand we have also found some junk! Some days you hit the jackpot and some days you don’t!

If you have been reading my blog for any length of time also know that we also love Legos!  When you combine yard sales with Legos it is bound to be a great day!

A few weeks ago the boys and I hit the jackpot on some Legos! There were several sets all thrown in this huge tote.  I asked the lady how much she wanted for them, she said $5. We started looking through them. They were all Aqua Raiders sets. Justin was not sure he wanted them. He is particular about what Legos he has.  I told the boys to look through and see if there was anything they wanted. I knew Kaden would want one or two of them. 

We were trying to decide which ones we wanted when the lady came up and told us they were $5 for the entire box (5 sets) not $5 each! I told her we would take them!  She even threw in the tote! The tote alone was worth $5!


When I came home I decided to look up the prices on these sets.  To buy them new they totaled over $450!

All the pieces and directions were in the sets! For the record Justin loved them after he got them home!



SamDIBO said...

Holy awesome!!!! Heck, even at $5 a set it would have been a great deal!

Jen said...

That is CRAZY!!! How exciting!!