Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Introducing the newest member of our family……

Lukas Saturn


Were we looking for a new kitty……ummmm….no…although if you ask the boys they will give you a resounding YES!  They desperately wanted Jupiter to get pregnant and have kittens. Jupiter was just recently spayed so that will not be happening anytime soon and this little guy will be paying a visit to the vet to be neutered as soon as he is old enough!

As you may or may not know we already have Jupiter, who turned six this year along with Kaden.

You might be wondering (or not) how Lukas (aka Luke) came to join our family. On Saturday just as the boys and I were finishing up lunch we heard this meowing and I knew it was from a kitten.  We have catbirds here that sound so much like a kitten mewing and have fooled me several times but this time I knew it was a kitten. It was loud and close!

We ran outside and Justin saw him under the neighbors truck that was parked on the street. We tried to catch him and he ran across the street to the  other neighbors. You could tell he was lost and lonely.  I would meow at him and he would come just out of my reach. Finally with the help of the neighbor we cornered him and I caught him.

I have an extreme amount of patience for catching kittens, having been a hobby of mine growing up on my grandpop’s farm where there were lots and lots of kittens.


Anyway, I actually thought this kitten belonged to our neighbor as they had a litter but she was not missing any and they did not have any orange colored ones and this little guy was younger then their kittens.


Of course we could not leave him out there all alone. I was worried he would go back in the street and end up getting hit by a car.  So he came home with us until we could decide what to do with him. I went and did some laundry and came back into the living room and the boys had named him! I knew that was not a good sign. At. All.  So within 2 hours Justin and Kaden had decided he was a new family member.


He is tiny, probably between 2-3 months and oh so cute. Funny thing is that neither Larry nor I care for orange cats, we have always preferred white, black or grey. But this little guy is adorable!  He was all litter trained by the end of Saturday night and fits right in! He is so funny! I had forgotten how funny little kittens can be! Jupiter was a bit older when we got her and we missed out on that fun kitten stage!


He is named Lukas Saturn and called Luke for Luke Skywalker (which Kaden picked out) and Saturn for…well….because all of our pets seem to need to be named after a planet! I’m guessing you can guess who chose Saturn.  At first they were thinking Little Orange and finally came up with Luke (they thought though that Lukas sounded better with Saturn then Luke!)

Jupiter is very put out and has spent her days since Saturday busily hissing and growling! (we have given her some extra love and attention) Luke discovered her yesterday and has been following her around. I think he is thinking she is his mother. Jupiter has heartily disagreed with his assessment of her! Although she is not happy, she spent a lot of time yesterday checking him out when he was not looking!

Luke is very taken with Kaden and vice versa! He has been sleeping with Kaden at night and spends time jumping out at us and playing with anything that moves!  He has quickly embedded himself into our home and hearts!