Sunday, May 22, 2011

W.A.L.K. Helping Liberia’s Kids

Recently I came across W.A.L.K. an organization that helps to send children in Liberia to school through a sponsorship program.  For as little as $25 a year a child (some children are a little more as was our case for the child we are sponsoring)  can be sponsored. (school tuition)

We have had child sponsorship on our hearts for sometime but the timing just has not been right. When I found the WALK organization I knew this was the  I knew that this was a fit for our family.

Justin and Kaden are required to save a portion of their allowance/chore money. A percentage of their money has to go towards giving in some way either giving to our local church or some other organization where there is a need. 

When I told them about WALK and sponsoring a child they immediately (without any prompting from me or Larry) wanted to donate the money in their giving jars to sponsor a child. 

We will be able to pray for, write letters and send pictures to our sponsor child and in return get pictures, updates and letters. This is a great lesson and a blessing for our family in reaching out and seeing that even a small amount of money ($50 a year in our case) can go a long way to help a child across the world be able to attend school and receive an education!

Imagine $50 a YEAR! Such a small amount.  We can easily spend that on a meal or two out! 

Here is the little boy we are sponsoring. His name is Success. The boys are excited to send their first letter off to him!



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Corina said...

Awesome! I'll have to check it out! Thanks for sharing!