Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Father’s Day Fun!

Sunday our family had fun celebrating Father’s Day! In the morning we went to breakfast at the local diner with my family-my parents, my brothers and their families. 

After breakfast we came home and gave Larry his Father’s Day gifts and let him spend the day doing what he wanted too. He took a nap and then went out and painted the window frames!  We had planned to go to the shore for the day, but we are having car troubles so we opted to stay home.


Here are the gifts the boys gave Larry.

I used the printables from this site to make these retro soda bottles.  The tutorial suggests using the empty soda bottles and filling them with fun treats. Larry loves soda as a treat so we just left the soda in them.  I bought a couple of four packs of Stewarts soda, one cream and one black cherry and put two of each in the four pack.



Each bottle was decorated as well and had a little hang tag.

Below are the opposite sides of the box.


We made one for my dad too and that was all root beer. His favorite! The paper I used for his was fish themed.


I decided to try my hand at washer stamping and was very pleased the way these key rings  turned out! I also stamped the boys name and year on the back of the large washer. I neglected to take a picture of it though.



We made one for my dad too. I put the year on the front but the smaller washer covers it.

For my brothers I did take soda bottles and washed them out and then filled them with skittles candies for a fun little Father’s Day gift!


The boys also filled out the Daddy and Grandpa surveys I posted about here. They were a huge hit with both Larry and my dad! I think we will make this a tradition and fill one out each year!



Debbie said...

Michele, you are always so clever with your ideas. Love all the great Father's Day gifts.

You did a great job with the washer stamping. Did you have a special die stamp for that?

Hope you and your family are enjoying the early summer.

Michele said...

Thanks Debbie!
I bought a 1/8" steel stamping set from Harbor Freight. It was about $10. I plan on making some more in the future!

Felice said...

What clever gifts and not very expensive either! There is definitely something to be said for a personal touch. Did everyone like there gifts?

~Robin said...

Michele, can you tell me more about the how you assembled the key chain? You're inspiring us!

Michele said...

I'll put a little tutorial up on my blog today or tomorrow morning. It is very easy.