Monday, June 13, 2011

Frugal Summer Fun~Homemade Snow Cones



Summer is coming! We have one more week until summer officially arrives.  This past week here in the north east it felt like summer. We had temps in the 90’s much of the week. Thankfully today the air conditioner is turned off and the windows are open and there is a beautiful breeze coming in!

When it is hot we always want something cold to eat to refresh and cool us off! We do have Mr. Softie who comes through our neighborhood just about every night but that can get expensive.

With the heat last week I decided it was time to break out the ice shaver. I bought this a couple of summers ago and it is always a hit with the boys! After all it is way more fun to make your own snow cones than to buy them!

Other than the ice shaver all you need to have on hand is: Ice, cups and flavoring. (I keep lots of cracked ice in the freezer in the summer!) I picked up a pack of Dixie cups with a fish theme on them! They do sell snow cone cups which are very cool but there are so few in a package that the cups were a better buy.

We had the flavors on hand.  Ours came from Walmart and Target.  You can make your own as well. We will be experimenting with making our own over the summer.

This machine is simple enough that both boys can use it by themselves easily. The blades in the top of the machine are plastic and will not work unless the lid is on as you need to use the lid to make the machine work.


We had three flavors on hand: cherry, pineapple and strawberry (cherry is my favorite)


This year we also added root beer! Which is one of the boys favorite flavors!


The ice goes into the top of the machine. The lid goes on. Twist the lid to turn it on…


and you have shaved ice!


Yum! Which = happy boys!


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