Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Future mechanics?

Larry does a bit of metal scrapping. Taking things like aluminum cans, scrap metal, and wire to the recycling center.  Many times he will bring something home that needs to be taken apart to scrap the different metals separately since he will usually get more money if the different metals are separated.

The other night Larry called me outside to see what the boys were doing. This is what I discovered them doing. 


They were working on taking apart an old meter. I was so happy to see them working together! Because sometimes…..well we don’t work well with others!


They worked on this for over an hour! I told Larry he needed to bring more things home that needed to be taken apart! They had so much fun!


Julie Redman said...

that definitely looks like a fun boy activity. i remember when my oldest was about this age, he took apart every alarm clock he could get his hands on. looks like your boys were enjoying themselves!

Book Dragon said...

That looks like so much fun!