Friday, June 3, 2011

Homemade Math Manipulative~Legos

A couple of weeks ago we were working on a math equation and needed a way to count large quantities. We needed something like base ten blocks or Cuisenaire rods. However I do not own either of these.

I decided there must be something around the house we could use for this purpose without spending additional money.

Then I had an Aha moment!



We own tons of them! We started digging through our Lego container for the 1 x 1 bricks.


We counted out 10 bricks for each rod to equal 100. So easy and best of all free!

It is so easy and many times tempting to run out and spend money or click that mouse and place an order online.  I love having lots of neat items for school sometimes you can use what you already have on hand or create what you need from items you already have on hand.

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Kayla said...

That was a wonderful idea! We actually own the MUS Blocks however this might be a wonderful twist for something "new" to make it a little different and fun! XOXO