Saturday, June 18, 2011

Last Minute Father’s Day Ideas!

Here are a few quick Fathers Day ideas I wanted to share with you for Father’s Day. If you are stumped for a gift some of these ideas might help you out!


Here is a fun survey your child can fill out for Dad from The Creative Homemaker!  There is also a printout for Grandpa or Papa. I printed one from each of the boys in different colors. It would be fun to print one each year and look back and read the responses! 


What about a coupon book? Here is a fun coupon book titled Daddyland from Disney


Top Pop award on a bottle of Dad’s root beer from 2 Clever


Need a card? HGTV has some cool printable Fathers Day cards!


How about a word find card from Paper & Pigtails

These are just a few of the wonderful ideas out there on the internet!

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Adamant Academy said...

these are really neat ideas Thanks so much!!!