Monday, June 6, 2011

Quick Science~Removing a paper clip from water

It’s time for another edition of Quick Science! Justin and Kaden love it when I surprise them with some fun quick science.

Today we are sharing how to remove a paper clip from a cup of water! Sounds simple right?

I gave each of them a cup of water with a paper clip in the bottom. Their job was to remove it.  In order to remove the paper clip there were a few rules. They had to remove it without putting anything into the water, spilling any water or getting their hands wet.


They both thought about this for a while. They came up with several solutions they thought would work. A fork, a stick, dumping the water. Of course all of these solutions involved either touching the water in some way or removing the water.

Finally Kaden came up with a magnet.

He was right! By using a magnet they could easily slide the paper clip up the side of the cup and onto the magnet without ever touching the water or having the item touch the water.


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