Saturday, July 9, 2011

4th of July Fun!

We had a fun 4th of July weekend! We were busy the entire weekend! On Saturday night we enjoyed the local fireworks! Sunday afternoon we went to our best friends house for their annual picnic. The food was wonderful and we had a nice visit with everyone!

Monday we went to the local parade a couple of towns away.  Of course I took a ton of pictures and I know you are just dying to see them! You are in luck that I want to show them to you! lol!


This is my neighbor Nick. He is the nicest boy ever! He seems to have his game face on here! I’ve never seen him so serious!


Good Old Sparky the fire dog!


It would not be a parade with out the string bands! I love them! Their sequins and costumes and their music!



This fellow has been roller skating in the parade for many, many years! He just keeps on going year after year!


Another favorite of mine the bagpipes! Beautiful!


No parade is complete without a mascot or two showing up! The Wilmington Blue Rocks mascot was out and about along the parade route!


Our Gal Sal! Do you remember Sally Starr? I watched her on TV when I was growing up! She is 88!


Fire trucks have come a long, long way!


Another string band! This time a fancy group! Maybe someday we’ll go to the mummers parade!


You know I love tractors!


I especially like to see lady tractor drivers!


The eagle perching on the earth!


What about a visit to Candy Land!032

It looks like King Kandy is having trouble with his gumdrop necklace!


I really loved this flag and the band singing!


one of my most favorite people in the parade, my cousin Debbie! She works for the local bank and was getting goodies ready to hand out to the crowd!


And finally…..a parade is not complete without Elvis singing? is it? (it’s no wonder people think he is still alive! He shows up at parades and such)


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