Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Blueberry Picking!

A couple of weeks ago we went blueberry picking! I just LOVE blueberries! They are one of my all time favorite fruits!


Did you know that was my first real job was picking blueberries! I worked for Mood’s Market. From the time I was 14 and able to get my working papers. I made 14 cents a pound. My brother and I rode our bikes to work every day and picked blueberries all day long with other kids from our church. We went to church with Mr. and Mrs. Mood and my grandma and Mrs. Mood were very good friends. Friday was payday! We had to ride up to their house to get our pay envelopes!

We spent many hours out in the blueberry field. It was hot and muddy and we picked lots of blueberries. Of course we went to Mood’s to pick our berries! If you want a great place to pick summer fruit Mood’s is the place to go! Just look for the orange windmill!

Kaden is my nature lovin’ boy and he loves to pick anything that can be picked! So he was super excited to go blueberry picking. He had been bugging me for weeks since we went cherry picking if we could go blueberry picking! I finally gave in!

As an aside Kaden would also like to pick peaches, watermelon, apples and corn and anything else that you could think to pick! Corn is very high on his list to pick and every time we pass a cornfield (and there are a lot of cornfields where we live) he begs to go corn picking!  He got mad at me the other day because I would not stop and let him pick tomatoes. We passed a field of plum tomatoes where many field workers were picking and he wanted me to stop so he could pick too!


The day we went it was very hot and there had been a rain storm the night before so it was of course muddy!


Walking out into that field and picking and eating a few blueberries brought back memories of my childhood picking those blueberries!


A very happy boy!


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