Saturday, July 23, 2011

A Day in the life of Me!

We had a crazy day here on Monday and this post was actually an email I sent to my best friend. After I proof read it, it just struck me funny and I wanted to save it so I decided to share it here! I hope you get a laugh or two!

Yesterday was a crazy day. I was sitting at my computer reading emails when I noticed a state trooper parked in front of my neighbors house. I wondered why. Although it is not unusual for them to be here as they are always visiting the other neighbors up the street. Lets just say there seems to always be trouble at that house.  About an hour later I noticed the trooper coming across the street from our other neighbors house.  He was heading towards our house. So I figure he was coming to visit us. He was.

Our next door neighbor reported a theft of some money from her safe and the trooper was canvasing the neighborhood asking if anyone had seen or heard anything. The trooper questioned me and asked me if there was anyone in and out of her house or anyone suspicious looking or anyone climbing in and out of the window etc.  I asked him if this happened on Sunday, (we had been out all day). This theft occurred at the beginning of June.  I said well why is she just now reporting it? He said that was his question exactly!  There was no forced entry or tampering/damage to the safe and he was trying to determine what happened. I answered his questions the best I could and he left.

A while later Kaden tells me that our cat Luke has a Lego in his mouth and he is eating it. Luke is always stealing things and constantly carrying things around. I really didn’t think it was a big deal. When Justin plays with his marbles, Luke will steal one and take it and play with it. He will carry it in his mouth. I told Kaden to take the Lego away from him and put it away. He said I can't he ate it.  I said well it will come out when he goes to the potty. (that produced lots of yuck and ewww sounds from Kaden and I was hoping it was not too big of a Lego …sigh).  Kaden keeps insisting that Luke is eating the Lego. sigh….so I have Kaden bring me said cat and Luke tries to fight and scratch. Here he has a tiny round Lego hooked to one of his back teeth. I grab him and we force his mouth open and have Justin help me get the Lego out. Justin was worrying that he was going to break Luke’s tooth while I was mumbling under my breath that I was NOT taking this cat to the vet and spending a fortune to get a Lego off his tooth!  Thankfully Justin was able to get it out with out any injury to the cat, me or himself!

Afternoon comes along I do up the dishes and while we listen to an audiobook, do a science experiment and finally sit down to our read aloud. We happen to be sitting at the kitchen table and I notice a car pull up with three people inside. Now what?

It was a husband and wife from up around the corner and their friend. I don’t know them well but do know them from different events here in our community. The lady gets out of the car and comes to the door. She asks me if I am the lady who has the two adopted boys. I tell her I am. (well that was strange!) She says Ok then I have the right house and then walks back to her car.

Over her shoulder she says we have something for you from our church! By now the friend with them is out of the car and opening the trunk. She brings two identical boxes and says. These are from Jesus and that I need to use one right away and freeze the other. Ok? I am wondering what is in them. She goes on to say that if I need food at Christmas to call her.(she writes her name and phone number on the box) I just stand there bewildered and say thank you.  All I think of is that someone contacted her church and told her we were poor and in need of food! 

Inside the boxes are packages of cheese, potato and onion pierogies! Six packages! Each package has 13 pierogies. There were two boxes of them! I could not figure out why they brought these to us. We are no affiliated with the church and they did not stop of any of my neighbors. Justin is extremely happy since he LOVES pierogies!  (I later found out that it is an out reach ministry through their church)


THEN......I am in the bathroom and I know it is getting time for Larry to come home he usually calls before he comes home to see if I need anything. I did I needed rolls to go with the burgers I was making for supper.  I decide I better take the  phone with me.  Well in comes Kaden telling me that Luke scratched him on the chest (he acts like he is going to keel over at any minute...oh the drama! That boy should get an academy award) and it hurts...So I get him a Band-Aid. Band-Aids seem to cure everything when you are six.

Of course the phone rings, it is Larry. I tell him I need rolls and cheese for supper all the while finding a Band-Aid for the wounded child. In comes Justin to tell me that our neighbor Robin was at the door and he let her in. He says she has something for us. I tell Larry I have to go but for some reason he decides he would like to talk, Kaden is still hollering for a Band-Aid and Robin is standing in my living room. All we need now is the circus music! 

I finally get the Band-Aid on Kaden (he is miraculously cured) hang up the phone and  run out to see what Robin wants and apologize for keeping her waiting.  She is holding ANOTHER box of pierogies! They also received  some and don't care for them so they brought them to us. I thank her and we visit for a minute and she leaves. Then I have to figure out where to put this box of pierogies! My freezer is full!  Justin is happier then he was before!

Finally Larry comes home waving new insurance papers at me that need to be filled out and returned asap. Of course he talks to me about the insurance like I was sitting at the meeting he had attended earlier that day. I have no clue what he is telling me since I am not telepathic. The boys are talking at the same time wanting to know when they can leave for Bible school, I’m trying to get dinner ready (so they will be on time)  and remain sane while pulling out the burgers and trying to figure out where to put those pierogies!   Good Grief! I need to be FOUR people at once!!! I decide that pierogies would make a great side with the burgers!

Just a day in the life of me!

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