Thursday, July 28, 2011

Justin’s Scientist Birthday Party

This year for Justin’s 10th birthday he decided on a scientist party. He was originally going to go with a New York City party but decided he wanted to wait on that in favor of doing a few cool science experiments!

For his cake we decided to go with chocolate and vanilla cupcakes. Justin came up with the idea of spelling out Happy Birthday Justin to look like the periodic table of elements.



In the corner of each one I put a 10 for his age. I just decorated the remainder of the cupcakes with icing and little ball candies.


For table decorations I filled various size jars with colored water.  We also had radio active rods for the kids! (glow sticks)


I also set up a table for experiments.  I filled test tubes with colored water and oil. The kids could play with them and see how the water and oil do not mix. 


We bought our tornado tube which was also a big hit with everyone!


We served up some petri dish gummy worms in jello. Can you see our “bacteria” growing (decorator candy balls)

Some of our items and experiments came from Steve Spangler Science.

You can find the petri dishes here.

The first experiment the kids did was to play with jelly marbles.  I bought ours at Dollar Tree (they are in the craft section). These are so cool. They are an absorbent polymer. If you put them in a bowl of water and cover them completely you cannot see them in the bowl.


I gave each kid a cupful to play with. They were fascinated that once they were in water they were very difficult to see.


Next up was to blow up a balloon without using your mouth.

The night before the party I put a couple of tablespoons of baking soda into each balloon and gave each kid (and a couple adults) a clean empty water bottle.  Into each bottle went about an inch or so of vinegar. The kids attached their balloon to the neck of the bottle. As the baking soda hit the vinegar it created a gas that blew the balloon up!


Next up was making Atomic Slime! I actually bought this kit but since the party I found these directions for glow-in-the-dark slime. If I had to do it over I would try the homemade version. I bought the kit because of the glow-in-the-dark factor and realistically unless you have about 20 kids it is a bit pricey. I will say that the kids loved it and the kit comes with two mini black lights that do work very well for their small size  (key chain size).





Close up of the slime using the black light. We did turn off the lights and it looked really cool in the dark!


Our final experiment was done outside. We set off film canister rockets! So fun! I neglected to get pictures of this but trust me when I tell you that it was a hit! The kids did it again and again until we were out of alka-seltzer!

You will need: empty film canisters, alka-seltzer tablets and water.  You can do this inside I experimented with that but the hall we were using had carpeting and I did not want to have to clean the carpet, so we took this outside!

You can find the film canisters here. There is also a video on how to do this experiment at the bottom of the page!

We gave out goodie bags with these items inside: Pop Rocks because well they are cool to eat! A grow animal for doing your own science experiment at home and some Grab-a-bubbles from Michael’s Craft store. These bubbles do not pop right away, are lots of fun and they look like a test tube!


The kids also went home with their atomic slime, a film canister so they can launch rockets at home!

They also went home with a baby soda bottle test tube filled with water and water cubes. We filled these at the beginning of the party. We checked on their progress throughout the day. They grow very large!

 A few more pictures! I missed getting my other niece Kiara in the picture! She had to leave a bit early.




Valerie said...

Great Party Michele, you are so creative, you always come up with the coolest ideas. If my boys were younger I would borrow your ideas for sure. Thanks for sharing your pictures, I enjoy seeing how big the boys are getting, it's hard to believe that Justin is 10!!

Adamant Academy said...

That is amazing!! I must do something similiar!!

Anonymous said...

What a great idea. You did an awesome job. Looks like a fun party!