Monday, August 15, 2011

Become a Cloud Inspector!


A few weeks ago on Pinterest I found a link for a cloud inspector that you could purchase. I pinned it for future reference thinking it would be something the boys would love to use.


(this is the one I found on Pinterest)

The other day as I was perusing the FIAR boards (Five in A Row) and what did I find? One of the wonderful moms that frequent the message boards there had created her own version of a cloud inspector and was kind enough to share her link! Who Hoooo!

I decided to make a couple up for the boys. While they were in Bible school I printed them up. I was not sure which size would be best. I  decided to make an 8 x 10 and a 5 x 7.  I liked the 8 x 10 size the best so ended up making two of those. I almost threw out the 5 x 7 and then decided it would be great to keep the smaller size in the car.  I laminated them and cut the centers out.  The original called for a popsicle stick as a handle but the boys decided they liked it better without the stick.


They were a huge hit! The best part is I did not spend any additional money for this! I so love free! This is such a fun way to add in a little school while we are out and about! Of course there had been much talk about clouds in our household since we made these!





Click here to make your own cloud inspector!


Tracey... said...

Great idea....but the kids loved it!

JayneJeane said...

Thanks for sharing! I can't wait to make it for my kids! Watching the clouds will never be the same.

Kayla said...

Michelle thanks so much!!!!! When we start back next monday clouds is our unit study that we will start with... this is P E R F E C T !!!!!! Thanks a ton friend!

Shonda said...

That is SO cool!