Thursday, August 25, 2011

Cinnamon Roll Pancakes!


I found this recipe the other day and knew that my cinnamon roll loving boys would love them!

My are not nearly as pretty as the ones pictured and it was a bit of a struggle to make them.  However they were very tasty and the boys loved them!


Yeah these pancakes have a lot of glaze on the top. Don’t judge.


Here are a few tips if you decide to try them. Of course I did not follow my own advice and read the comments before I made these up. ***sigh***

  • This batter is very thin and wanted to go all over my griddle. I will try a different pancake recipe the next time. These were not light and fluffy. They were a bit dense.
  • I used a half cup to measure out the batter for the pancakes, instead of the  3/4 cup recommended. 
  • my cinnamon mixture was not the consistency of toothpaste as it needed to be. When I tried to swirl it into the batter it was a huge mess and it did not sink into the batter as it should. It was very thin and well, it made a huge mess. I suggested you make this up before you mix up your batter and stick it in the fridge to firm up a bit.
  • the directions for the cream cheese glaze tell you to melt the butter and cream cheese together.  I tried this it had an awful taste and did not get the smoothness you would expect. I tried again and softened the butter and cream cheese and used my electric hand mixer to whip it up. The consistency was perfect. 

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The Zookeeper said...

yummmmmm they look good and i am sure you will make these again another way!!! Little blessing(i can't remember if you use there names on your blog) looks as if he loved it :)