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Curriculum 2011-2012

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Hello! Welcome visitors from Heart of the Matter’s Not-Back-To-School Blog Hop!

If you are a regular reader many of you know that we are year round homeschoolers. Well this summer we have been lazy and not done much at all in the way of academics. We’ve just been enjoying a lazy summer of pool, reading and attending Bible school! The boys are in the middle of attending their second week of Bible school this summer!

With autumn fast approaching I have been choosing our curriculum for our 2011-2012 year. I will have a first grader and a fifth grader! How did that happen?!

Both boys have varied interests and I am working on curriculum that will appeal to each of their interests.

Here is our plan for this year.

Justin – age 10/5th grade

We do as much as we can together but since the boys are in different grade levels we do separate some subjects.

Both Boys:

BibleGrapeVine Studies Stick Figuring through the Bible

Science - Apologia- Exploring Creation with Astronomy

Quick ScienceScience experiments that take just a couple of minutes to do.

Art/Artist/Composer Study – We will be using Artistic Pursuits for art and we will also be doing an Artist/Composer Study each month. I have not finalized the plans for this yet.

Foreign Language – American Sign Language (ASL) and Spanish.  We will be using Signing Time for ASL. I’m not sure yet what we are using for Spanish I am looking into a few resources.

Download N Go and Homeschool Share units

Read Alouds & Audiobooks – We read aloud here just about everyday. Reading stories together is important to us and a wonderful way to add more learning into our day! If we do nothing else we read! We read lots of living books about history, science, geography, Bible.  In addition to reading aloud together, we love to listen to audiobooks and listen at home and in the car. I keep audiobooks available for quiet time or times when the boys want to listen to a story but we have chores that need to be done or they want to listen to a story while playing or working on a project!

Justin:  age 10/5th grade

Reading/SpellingAll About Spelling

Math Math Mammoth – this is such an affordable math program. Justin loves using this. It teaches math conceptually. I purchased the entire 1-8th grade series when it was on sale back in the spring. 

Living Math – back in the spring we started using a bit of  living math after reading Living Loving Math by Cindy West

History/Geography – My plan was to use Mystery of History Volume I this year but Justin is now asking to learn about wars starting with the Revolutionary War. We will be reading lots of living books and using some notebook pages and add in a bit of lapbooking.

Writing – Justin will be continuing with copy work and I will be adding in  more writing assignments later in the year.

Kaden: age 5/1st grade

Phonics/Reading – All About Spelling and Bob Books

Math – Living Math and math games.

History/Geography – Five in A Row

Writing – I will be adding in copy work here and there for Kaden. He finally mastered his pencil grip back in the spring and is ready for a bit of copy work. I may not start this until later in the year.

A few other things we will be working on this year.

Our timeline notebook - We started this last year and will be adding to it as we get back into our studies.

Korean culture – I will be adding in a few units on this as the boys (especially Justin) have been asking more questions about their birth country. I’ll be sharing more on those topics in a future post.

Pen Pals – Both boys started writing (Kaden draws pictures) to pen pals last spring and we will continue to write to them for fun and as part of their writing practice.

I think that is it! I know it seems like a lot all written out! The boys have had a fun summer off but both of them are wanting to get back into school!

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Cara said...

I love the idea of pen pals! Why didn't I think of that? Thank you for sharing, you've given me such a good idea now! :)

Leila- All Meant To Shine said...

Hi!! I am stopping by from the NB2S blog hop! I love the pen pal idea also! Where did you find out how to get started on that? Thanks for the info! Have a great year!!

fixedonHIM said...

Have a great year! We are using the same thing for Bible & Science.

michaeledlavitch said...

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