Sunday, August 14, 2011

Do you Pin?

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Have you discovered Pinterest yet? I have. Happy sigh….. I love this site! Pinterest is a visual bookmark where you can save all those neat links you come across! If you are visual like I am then pinterest is a dream come true! 

You create boards on pinterest with different categories and then when you discover something you love, you pin it to that particular board! Once you pin something you can go back and easily find what you have pinned. I have quite a few boards and I can go back and easily find an item I have pinned. No more searching through my bookmarks or wondering why I saved something!  Some of my categories are homeschool, crafts for me, recipes, photography, cooking ideas, quotes and sayings and many more!

Another great feature is you can access your pinterest account from any computer or internet device! You can follow your friends (or make new ones) and repin something someone else has pinned! There are just so many ideas floating around on Pinterest!

You can follow all of someone’s boards or say you are only interested in their homeschool or recipe board. You can follow just that particular board!

When I was looking for ideas for Justin’s science party I went to pinterest and typed in scientist party and then pinned all the items I found interesting. I went back when I had time and went through my pins and found some neat ideas for the party!

You do need an invite to join Pinterest. You can follow me by clicking the button at the top of this post if you would like to follow me. This is a great organizational tool for the internet! I will warn you though it can be time consuming! Happy pinning!

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