Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Download N Go Football Frenzy $4 Sale!


Are you ready for some football? Yes fall is fast approaching and football season is almost upon us!  Download N Go just released its newest title Football Frenzy just in time for pre season football!

I had the opportunity to review this unit and know a little bit about football. I was really surprised about how much was packed into this unit! Geography, math, science, the history of football and much more!

Here is a run down of what you will find in this unit:

  • Day 1: What Is Football?
  • Day 2: Where Did Football Begin?
  • Day 3: People and Places of Football
  • Day 4: Science Secrets of Football
  • Day 5: Goodies and Gadgets of Football

Whether you are a seasoned football fan or really don’t know much about the sport the new Football Frenzy Download N Go unit is sure to spark some interest this pastime!

Football frenzy is currently on sale for $4.00! What a great opportunity to pick up a 5 day study for less than $5! To be honest these Download N Go studies have more than 5 days worth in them. You could easily stretch this out to a 2 week or even a 4 week study! There is that much packed into each unit!

Don’t wait as the $4.00 sale is only good through August 20th. You can find Football Frenzy and many other fantastic Download N Go titles by clicking here.  

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