Friday, August 12, 2011

An easy no-mess way to prepare marinades!

I love to use marinades for some of our meals. They are easy can be made ahead and even frozen. I use them frequently. I love that I can just pull them out of the fridge or freezer and have much of the meal prep ready.

One thing I don’t like are the amount of dishes and bowls I sometimes use to create them.  Clean up is not my favorite thing to do. Ever.  I got to thinking that there must be an easy way to prepare these marinades without the mess. 

I always use zip top bags for my marinades. The problem is keeping the bag upright and not spilling the contents everywhere. (ask me how I know this!) .

I saw this idea somewhere (I cannot remember where)  and thought it was brilliant.  Remove the blades from your blender container to hold your bag. Just insert the bag into the container, fold the sides down around the edge and add your ingredients.


It gives you a nice large opening and holds the bag so that it is not falling over.  Using this method I have eliminated the need for additional bowls and dishes. The only items I use now are my measuring cup and measuring spoons. No mess and easy clean up!


When you are done flip the bag up, pull it out of the container, seal it and put it in the refrigerator or freezer until you are ready to use it!

This makes meal prep a whole lot easier!

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Melissa said...

That's a great idea, Michelle! Thanks for sharing!