Thursday, August 18, 2011

Math Fun!


Today we added in a math game to our school time! This is a fun game I came across on Pinterest! (there are so many awesome ideas to be found there!)

It is an addition game called Cover Up. Justin knows his addition facts but Kaden is just learning his. This game is perfect for reinforcing those facts!


You will need the printable found here, 26 markers, we used marbles with a flat side and two dice.

The object of the game is to fill your side of the board first. To play you roll the dice and add them together for the total. Cover the answer on your board. When your board is full you win!

There are also blank playing boards available near the bottom of the page and a template for making your own dice you can customize! I am going to print a few more with higher numbers to challenge Justin. I think I will laminate them as well just to make them a bit more durable.


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