Friday, August 26, 2011

Route 66~Book Review



This is a Kregel blog tour for Route 66: A Crash Course in Navigating Life with the Bible by Krish Kandiah

From the Book

Welcome to Route 66: a crash course in enjoying the breadth and depth of the Bible.

Route 66 is an inspirational eight-week challenge for you, your small group or your whole church to get into gear with the Bible.

My Thoughts

This is a great little book that leads you on a journey to learn and study all 66 books of the Bible.

The book is broken down into eight sections:

  • Living faithfully (the narrative literature)
  • Living distinctively (the law)
  • Living poetically (the psalms)
  • Living discerningly (the wisdom literature)
  • Living prophetically (the prophets)
  • Living infectiously (the gospels)
  • Living purposefully (the epistles)
  • Living hopefully (the apocalyptic literature)

This 8-week study can be used individually, with a small group or with a church congregation.

Each section is broken down into 5 days. At the end of each days reading there is a Travel Journal with assigned chapters of the Bible to be read that day. In addition there are four questions for you to answer after each days Bible reading.

At the end of each section there are pages that can be used in a small group/church setting.

Each chapter is laid out nicely in an easy to read manner.

If you use this study and follow the daily Bible reading challenge found in the back of the book you will have read through the entire Bible in 8 weeks!

I really like this book. It is a great resource to have on hand for my own Bible study time. I found the book easy to read. The daily book readings are easy to comprehend and gave me much to ponder over each day. I really like the way this book is laid out. Not too much information each day but meaty enough to be challenging and cause me think and grow in my belief in God.

I think Route 66 is a great tool for learning more about the Bible. This study would be perfect for someone wanting to really delve deeply and cover the entire Bible in a short period of time!

disclosure: I was given a copy of this book by Kregel Publications in exchange for my honest review. All opinions in this post and on this blog are my own.

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