Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Two Great Movies

We love to watch movies here! I am always on the lookout for good family movies.  Recently we have watched two that we really enjoyed together!


Soul Surfer is the true story of amateur surfer Bethany Hamilton who at the age of 13 lost her arm in a shark attack.  This is a wonderful story of how she overcame her disability with determination and her faith in God.  As a result she ended up becoming a pro surfer. 

We loved this movie! It does have a Christian perspective. The characters are a Christian family. They are very believable. At times they question, have fear and ask why such a tragedy could occur. The family is devastated and leans heavily on their faith in God to get them through.

Out of this tragedy comes hope and faith and there is a very clear message that we need to be selfless in our giving to others.

This movie is rated PG which I believe is for the shark scene near the beginning of the movie. There was blood but it was not very graphic. There was no cursing at all in this movie!


Akeelah and the Bee is the story of Akeelah an 11 year old 6th grader who is very bright! She loves words and aces all of her spelling tests. She is not motivated to succeed and has quite the attitude. Her family is recovering from the loss of their father. Her mother is an overworked widow who is trying to support her family and raise her children while dealing with the loss of her husband.

Akeelah has a  love of words. It is a bond she shared with her father.  Her teacher and the school principal see Akeelah’s talent and the principal urges her to attend the school spelling bee. She does not want to be labeled a brainiac. That is not cool at all. The kids in her school will (and do) make fun of her.

Akeelah reluctantly attends the Bee and wins. Dr. Larabee an English professor on leave from UCLA is in attendance and wants to become her mentor.

Akeelah is sarcastic and insolent but eventually Dr. Larabee becomes her mentor. Dr. Larabee is suffering his own loss as Akeelah soon finds out. She goes on to win the district spelling bee and then on to the National Scripps Spelling Bee in Washington DC.

She faces lots of difficulty along the way. Her mother does not want her to participate, she faces opposition and difficulty along the way. Convincing her mother she really wants this. The entire town helps Akeelah reach her dream of attending the spelling bee. She also faces making the right decision during the spelling bee.

This is truly a heartwarming story of regardless of your circumstances you can do your best and be proud of who you are!

a word of caution: This movie is rated PG for language. There is some cursing during this movie.


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