Thursday, October 20, 2011

No more monkeys er…..boys jumping on the bed!


For 21 years Larry and I have had a waterbed. We have gone though one mattress in that time and were onto our second. If you have ever owned a waterbed you know they can leak and if you have cats and a waterbed, well lets just say you can get a leak or two no matter how well you keep the mattress covered.

Yep, we had a leak. We think Luke was the culprit.  We have had leaks before and for the most part I have been able to patch them. This time, not so much. So we debated on getting a traditional bed or another waterbed mattress. We opted for a traditional bed. (bed shopping could be its own post! What a chore! It is worse than buying a new car!)

We discovered our most recent leak at about 10pm. Thankfully we have a sofa bed, so we did not have to resort to sleeping on the floor!

Justin and Kaden thought this was a most wonderful thing and could not wait until bed time each night to help us put up our bed!

As you can see below they were just the most awesome helpers ever! Can you see how helpful they are? Making sure the mattress was opened properly and that it was safe for sleeping?!  I am glad to know I have such wonderful boys who go above and beyond to make sure we are safe!

Maybe they need jobs as bed testers?


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Jen said...

This makes me laugh! We had a sofa bed when I was little and I LOVED sleeping on it! I would love for our next couch to be one so we could have cozy movie nights--though I'm guessing I won't find them as comfortable now that I'm a grown up! haha