Thursday, November 17, 2011

Travel Game Notebook

A few weeks ago we took a car trip to Sight and Sound to see Joseph in Pennsylvania. It is about a 2 hour car ride from our house. 

Side note:If you ever have the opportunity to go and see one of the shows, GO! It is so worth your time!

My boys are pretty good about entertaining themselves on longer car rides. They love to bring along their books, MP3 players and audiobooks.

However even bringing along those items and after playing punch buggy Often times leads to a bit of fighting

for those not familiar with this game, you keep a lookout for a VW Beetle car and when you see one you shout Punch Buggy-insert whatever color the car happens to be and proceed to punch your opponent in the arm.  Kaden insists on calling punch bunny no matter how many times we explain it to him. lol!

I thought it would be fun to create a car notebook with some fun activities for a change of pace. Kaden just loves to color and create. He has gotten so he will bring along a coloring book and his colored pencils.  I knew he would love this.

I used a couple of binders I had on hand and thankfully I had two different colors. Avoids that whole he has my notebook squabble!

I found some really neat printables at Prepared Not Scared. There are some great printables to be found there!


I found the scavenger hunt page shown on the right side at Moms Minivan There are over 100 travel and road trip games to be found here!




I printed pages from I found these in their geography section.


The state license plate game came from Prepared Not Scared. I scaled these down to fit on one page and laminated them so they could be used again and again.


Since it was October and Kaden loves Halloween I added a find the difference Halloween themed sheet from Family Fun.


The I Spy game came from Prepared Not Scared. Again I laminated it so it could be used over and over.


The binders I used have pockets on the front and back cover. I slipped the I Spy into one of them.

There are tons of blogs and sites that have free road game printables and ideas.

Here are a few more I discovered that you might enjoy.

Battleship, Dots & Boxes and Tic-Tac-Toe in homemade folders

36 Printable Travel Games

Travel Games From Crayola

DIY your own travel board games

Happy Traveling!

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Anonymous said...

Fabulous suggestions! We have a LONG road trip coming up (11 hours) and I am going to follow your tips here to prepare my youngest for the long car ride. Thanks for sharing!