Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween Costumes!

Yesterday we had such a fun Halloween! We trick or treated in our neighborhood and then visited our best friends house, my parents and one of my brothers! It was a very fun evening!

Kaden has been so excited to go trick or treating. Halloween is his favorite holiday and he has been counting down the days! He LOVES candy!

Justin well he would have been content to go around the block and come home! Justin loves to dress up but is not as big on the whole candy idea!

This year Justin decided back in June or July what he was going to be. Any guesses?


He decided to be the ghost of Abraham Lincoln! He loved his costume and everyone else seemed to love it too. He got compliments the entire night.  One guy was so impressed with his costume that he announced he was giving Justin extra candy since he had never seen anyone dressed as good old Abe!

Kaden decided about a week before Halloween to be an Angry Bird. Not just any Angry Bird but the black Angry Bird! Why? Well because the black one is a bomb! Well of course!

So here is my little Angry Bird! I love the fuse on the top of his head! Kaden is such a funny boy!  Not a day goes by that he does not make us laugh!

One house gave us a good laugh, the girl giving out candy said to Kaden: Are you a penguin? Her friend sitting next to her said, He is an Angry Bird! Then the friend said. That is the second costume you have completely messed up on! Too funny!

To make the night even funnier. I heard whispering about me. I over heard two women saying in hushed tones: she (meaning me) makes their costumes every year! Gasp! It is true I have made most of their costumes, it is amazing what a trip to the thrift store a little hot glue gun and some heat and bond can do! *grin* Seriously these were the easiest costumes I’ve ever made! I love making the boys costumes!


Oh and yes they did get too much candy!


Does your family trick or treat?

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Nancy Ann said...

I love the costumes! I agree that Abe is a great costume!! We enjoyed trick or treating as well. My son was a military guy dressed in all camouflage and my daughter was a lady bug.