Thursday, December 29, 2011

::Right Now::

I saw this over at Candace’s blog and I thought I would post my own version here.

Right now I am…..

  • thinking I really should get dressed
  • realizing we are moving in a month and I need to get packing….literally!
  • looking at the pile of dishes that need doing and wishing I had a dishwasher fairy! (Oh I am the dish washing fairy-I forgot)
  • thinking about the pile of items on my bed that need to be sorted, organized and packed
  • thinking I need to do a major declutter before we pack
  • will be glad when the shelf paper is all in at the new house (we worked on this yesterday)
  • thankful to my mom and aunt who helped me with said shelf paper yesterday
  • excited and nervous about moving
  • wondering where all of this stuff came from?
  • thinking we should just leave all of our stuff for the new homeowner and let her sort it all out?
  • thinking the boys have too many toys and realizing that they do not want to part with hardly any of them…..sigh….
  • thankful that God gives me grace that I don’t deserve each and every day
  • thinking I need to do something special for my dear husband who works so hard for us
  • planning to buy myself a Kindle fire with out actually spending any money out of pocket. Oh how I love you swagbucks and Amazon!
  • thinking I guess I need to take the tree down soon. Nah…maybe I’ll leave it up another week
  • needing to make up a new planner and notebook to keep track of everything I need to do in the next month
  • trying not to be overwhelmed by previous item on this list!
  • praying our move will work out and our current house inspection and sale will go through without a hitch (all prayers are appreciated!)
  • thinking I really do need to grocery shop!
  • should cook more
  • and eat out less
  • should eat healthy
  • having too many thoughts of moving on my mind

the end!



Candace said...

Yay, Michele! Love your list! These are kind of fun! :) And a lot of things on your list could have been on mine too...especially less eating out and more eating healthy. Ugh.

Nancy said...

Praying for your move. I hope you will show us pictures of your new home.

Michele said...

Thank you Nancy! I will post pictures!

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