Monday, January 9, 2012

2012 Goals~Read through the Bible in a year.


the holy bible

I mentioned back in my 2012 Goals post about breaking my goals down into manageable sized bites. My first goal on my list is to read through the Bible in a year. This goal was on my list in 2011 as well.

This year I plan to finish what I have started! I have been reading the Bible each day for sometime now. Usually only a chapter each day. I know….my reading is very slow.  I am up to the book of Job.

Since the start of the new year I have been reading at least 3 chapters a day.  I plan to increase the amount I read each day until I finish later in the year! I will accomplish my goal.

In doing my own personal reading though the Bible in a year I decided that we needed to have this goal for the boys as well.

Instead of reading it ourselves we are listening to the Bible though which is linked with Bible Gateway. The chapters are listed with links to the audio for each day of the year.  We are using the NIV translation. If you prefer a different translation, you can go here to choose a different one (there are many to choose from) and how you would like to read, from the beginning,  chronological, historical, old to new or new to old.  I am so excited to be doing this with the boys!

Do you have plans to read though the Bible this year? I would love to hear how you plan to reach your goal!


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