Thursday, January 5, 2012

Goal-Setting for 2012

Each year at the start of the new year I make a list of goals I want to reach during that particular year. I really don’t care for the word resolutions because I never seem to stick with those. Goals seem more attainable for some reason. 

Each year though I have the idea that I will blog about my goals each month and what I have accomplished (or not). Seeing it written down in black and white can be very motivating. Seeing that you are making progress gives you the desire to not give up but continue on. However, each year I pretty much fail to write down what I have accomplished and thus I really cannot see how far I’ve come, if I have actually reached any of my goals or not. Which is not motivating at all.

So this year I have decided to do things a bit differently. I am going to follow Money Saving Mom’s advice and break my goals down into monthly pieces. I will probably go as far as breaking them down even further into weekly goals. I like this idea so much better then the method I was using. I think going this route will be much more productive and beneficial to not only me but the way I manage and keep our home.

Here is my master list of goals for 2012.  I will be sharing more about them in the next week or so.

My Goals for 2012

Read through the Bible in one year (this is a goal I have been working on since last year and I intend to finish it this year)
Read at least 25 non-fiction books (I will be sharing my list later in the week
Get enough rest- 7-8 hours of sleep each day
Exercise each day
Read 24 non-fiction books
Listen to 12 audiobooks
Create 12 craft projects
Work throughout the year on Christmas gifts
Improve my photography skills
Start a Project life type of album
Memorize scripture (I will be sharing more about this in a future post)

Pray daily for Larry
Plan one date night a month
Watch a movie together once a month
Read aloud together

Pray daily for my children
Be present with my children
Be intentional with my children
Read through the Bible in one year (more to come about this)
Memorize scripture The 23rd Psalm and the Apostles
Finish 20 read-aloud books
Plan a fun activity each week
Play more board games
Plan more hands on science
Plan on family field trip per month

Kitchen/Home keeping
Learn to make more types of Korean dishes
Hang a clothes line outside at the new house
Declutter the house of 1/4 of what we have before we move at the end of January.
Do more freezer cooking
Create a monthly cleaning/cooking plan
Create a warm/inviting home
Organize my new home

Pray regularly for friends and family
Plan more get togethers with family and friends
Be more hospitable
Be generous-bless someone
Write at least 2 letters/cards to someone each month

Be more consistent with my blogging endeavors
Post about topics I enjoy and love
Find more free and frugal items to share with my readers
Grow my blog
Continue with my reviews-only choose those items I really want to review
Create a weekly blog plan

Pray about our finances
Tithe 10% (we started this in late 2011)
Give generously as much as we can
Convert to using cash only at the grocery store (currently we use a debit card)
Continue our journey to becoming debt free
Save for our late summer/fall vacation
Utilize more coupons
Use what we have before running out and buying something new

Do you make goals each year? Do you find you follow through with your goals or resolutions?

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