Tuesday, February 7, 2012

All moved in….

We are all moved in to our new home. We have been here for a little over a week now. I am loving the extra space we have! We went from a four room mobile home to a 10 room home with a basement!

Our new home is actually my childhood home that I lived in my first 10+ years. We are right next door to my parents where I lived the remaining years until I got married at age 22.  The center of this home is actually a mobile home as well and has had rooms added on over the years. It was very tiny when I was growing up. There were five additional rooms added over the years making it quite spacious.

My favorite parts of the house?

  • a nice sunny spacious room for school
  • a laundry room~I have never had a laundry room and it is nice to have everything in one room!
  • a large kitchen and my grandma’s kitchen table the kitchen is large and the table is something I have always loved. Metal with a Formica top from the 50’s.
  • a large yard for the boys to play in
  • living in the country. I grew up out in the country and I love being back. It is so quiet and peaceful here!

What I learned about moving?

  • Moving is not for the weak! It takes time to pack. Lots of time! More than I allowed. Moving day arrived much quicker than I expected!
  • You need to be very organized, something I was not. Now I know better.
  • Do not move all of your unwanted items with you. Ask me how I know this! Yes I ran out of time while packing and ended up bringing a lot of unwanted items with us to the new house.
  • Purge! This goes along with the previous item. While I did get rid of a lot of items before we moved, it was no where near what it should have been. I took several car loads to the thrift store and still have more stuff than we need. So guess what I am currently doing?
  • Get lots of boxes. More than you think you will need. Really. You have more stuff than you think. Ask around for boxes. Our best friends, her mom and my mom all saved boxes for us. We thought we had enough. We could have used more.
  • Accept help and lots of it. We had about 10 people here helping me to pack and move. It took us from 10am until about 8pm to pack and move it all. I am so thankful for my parents, brothers, aunt, niece and nephew and my best friend for helping us. We would never have been able to move without their help! I am indebted to them for all their hard work!
  • Have your beds set up first thing. This advice came from my mom and I am so glad I listened. Having our beds put together and made was a wonderful thing. We were tired!
  • It’s ok to not unpack everything in one day. I still have a lot of boxes to unpack. It’s ok it will get done!
  • Let it go. I’m talking about your stuff (and mine). If you don’t love it, use it or it is useful to you in anyway let it go! Really. Our other house was so messy and cluttered. We had too much stuff and not enough space. After moving most of it here I realize what a burden all the stuff is. We have been donating and giving things away. We even called our buyer before we moved and asked her if she would like several pieces of furniture we were not going to be using. She was happy to have them, so we didn’t have to move them and she got something she really wanted.

I have spent the last week dealing with the cable company, we had a few problems after they installed the cable. I have been on the phone with them countless times and been to their offices twice. Then I had to deal with the post office who I swear threw out the change of address forms I filled out two weeks ago! I think that is all straightened out now (I hope) and we should be getting mail at our new address this week! We also made a trip to the local SPCA for Luke our kitty to be neutered. His appointment is on Valentine’s Day. I’m sure he is not as excited about this as I am!

One thing that really surprised me is how well the boys adjusted to the new house. They each have their own room now and seem to really like having their own space!

We are so happy we are here and I will be spending the remainder of this week unpacking the rest of the boxes and figuring out where I want it all and getting rid of what I don’t want!

I’ll be posting pictures after I get the rest unpacked….stay tuned!



Jen said...

I'm so excited for you guys! I can't wait to see pictures! : )

Kendra said...

Hooray!! Can't wait to see pictures! :D

Nancy said...

So excited for you to have so much room and being in the country. Sounds wonderful!

Looking forward to pictures!