Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Birthday Celebration Wreath

Last weekend we celebrated Kaden’s 7th birthday! I decided to make a birthday wreath for the front door. I found this wreath on Pinterest.


I think it came out fantastic!  I bought the balloons at Dollar Tree, the straw wreath at Michael’s (with a 40% off coupon). The pipe cleaners and the letter K also came from Michael’s. The letter is made of foam. I found it where the felt and foam supplies are.

I used a small round circle picture hanger that I had on hand and a small cup hook (also on hand) to hold the letter on and be able to change it for each of our birthdays!

The only thing I did different, instead of using greening pins as suggested I bought a package of 200+ small paperclips from Dollar Tree and bent them open and cut them in half to make my own pins. I also used a regular hammer to hammer the pins in instead of a rubber mallet.

And speaking of birthday celebrations. Look at this glitzed up birthday candle! Is this cool or what? The directions to make it can be found here!



Jen said...

That turned out soooo cool! I think I pinned that one from you--now we'll see if I get around to making it! haha Hope you guys are enjoying your new home! : )

Shannon said...

Great job on the birthday wreath, aren't they fun?!? And I LOVE your glitzed up candle--my daughter would love this for her birthday!! Thanks for linking to my blog:)