Thursday, March 1, 2012

Yearly Goals Revisited

Well here it is March 1st and I have not met many of my goals I had set for myself for 2012.  Between moving at the end of January and sickness going through our family, my goal reaching has seemed unattainable. I thought today would be a good day to refocus and restart reaching for those goals. I had started to list all of the non-fiction books and crafts I had planned to do for the year and decided I would just keep track of them in my notebook and post what I have accomplished here.

Right now that would be a great big nothing. I have managed to read one book on my non-fiction list but other than that not much. I still have boxes sitting in our school room, which is still not set up. I have been sick with a horrible cold for over a week now (the boys decided to share with me! lol) and I have not felt like doing much of anything other than keeping the house picked up, cooking meals and doing laundry.  I am starting to feel better and hope a new month will inspire me to get going in the right direction!

We have a fun field trip planned for tomorrow and a birthday party to plan for this month as well as St. Patrick’s Day. I will be sharing our plans for that coming soon.

I hope to get our school area set up this week and next and we are also thinking gardening here!

Since we are going to be away tomorrow I am thinking we may try this Cat in the Hat craft and read some Dr. Seuss books for Dr. Seuss day tomorrow. If you are looking for some fun ideas I have a Dr.Seuss Pinterest board filled with some fun ideas! You can find a ton more on Pinterest by searching Dr. Seuss.

For Lent we are reading Vinegar Boy by Alberta Hawse. So far we are really liking this one. We would be reading Amon’s Adventure but I cannot seem to find it. *sigh* We will start it when we do.  We are also reading Fair Weather by Richard Peck.

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