Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Deep Dish Pizza!

We love pizza and make a whole lot of homemade pizza at our house! I’ve gotten pretty good at it too. I use my trusty old stand-by pizza dough recipe.

Three of us really like deep dish pizza (can you guess which one of us does not?) and the other night I decided to try this recipe I recently came across.


It was very easy to put together!


and throw in the oven all at the same time!


and quickly bake……


so we could enjoy!


I guess you know the verdict is YUM! From all of us except Justin! Sadly Justin does not love deep dish (or thick crust) pizza. He loves crunchy thin crust pizza!

One tip. If you decide to make this recipe and have a heavy duty mixer or even a bread machine, skip the 10 minutes of hand kneading and let your mixer do that part!

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The Unsell Family said...

Yum! I need to try this recipe. I love deep dish pizzas!