Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Hello Frog!

A couple of Saturdays ago we had Justin returned from running a few errands when Justin happened to look under the back of the car.

He discovered this guy hanging out there!


I was so glad I did not run over him!


The boys decided that drastic measures need to be taken to ensure the frog’s safety. The tool of choice? A blue sand bucket.



First they needed to assess the situation and examine the frog.


Captured! I have no idea why Kaden is standing so far away?


Justin was brave enough to pick this guy up!


Hello frog!


The decision was made that perhaps Mr. Frog would enjoy some water.



Ahhh yes! Just what I was looking for!

disclosure: No frogs or boys were harmed during the rescue of Mr. Frog. Mr. Frog was watched and talked to by above said boys. Mr. Frog was later released from his captivity to a huge nearby mud puddle.

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