Friday, May 18, 2012

Notebooking Treasury Membership~25% off sale!

We have been lapbooking in our homeschool since the beginning.  In the last couple of years we have slowly moved into notebooking as well.  It is a great way for the boys to record what they have learned on a particular topic! From math to science to history and Bible. Notebooking is a wonderful tool to use in your homeschooling!

Last year I purchased a Notebooking Treasury Membership when it was on sale not knowing how much we would use it. Justin as always loved lapbooks and I was not sure if he would really enjoy notebooking. He  loves it! While he still loves lapbooks he loves being able to choose a notebooking page on whatever topic he is learning about and write down some of the interesting facts about a particular subject!

An example 

Justin is currently learning about New York City.(I should say this is on going because he is always wanting to learn more and more about NYC) I went to the notebooking pages website and pulled up the pages about New York. We printed off several pages for him to use.

There are so many pages available for any given topic! From nature to transportation. Ancient history to modern day history. From Presidents and first ladies to art, poetry and musical composers.

Perhaps you are looking for geography or people and places? Major events or a book of centuries. It is all there at your fingertips!

Maybe you are saying to yourself. But there are so many free notebooking pages.  Yes it is true you can do an internet search and find so many free pages.

Having a Notebooking Treasury Membership allows you to:

  • have a wealth of notebook pages at your fingertips.   All in one place
  • find a particular page with just a couple of mouse clicks
  • not have to store them all on your computer
  • find a page that relates exactly to the topic you are working on.

For example: You can easily find a  general notebook page about boats. It is not so easy to find a page about kayaks. At Notebooking pages you will find 16 different pages about kayaks. For younger students as well as older students.

If you are a notebooking family or are thinking of becoming one and are thinking this membership might be for you. Now would be a great time to get a membership! From now until May 25th, Notebooking pages is offering 25% off making a one year Treasury Membership $56.21! Use the coupon code happy6th. This coupon code is also good on renewals bringing a renewal subscription down to $22.46!  This membership gives you access to the entire notebooking pages collection. In addition you get three additional months.

Once your membership expires your access to the pages do not expire like with most membership sites. You will still be able to access everything in your current membership indefinitely even if you chose not to renew at the end of your subscription! You will always have access to your current downloads!

and the most exciting part is in June they are launching the new Notebooking Publisher web-app which will give you the ability to:

  • Add your own text, photos & clip art PLUS pre-loaded embellishments to
  • Customize & publish printable PDF notebooking pages from 100s of pre-designed notebooking templates.
  • Create & publish your own printable PDG notebooking pages from scratch
  • Students now have the option to completely notebook their study on the computer-creating their own customized notebooking template and finishing the page with their typed narrations, notes, stories, chosen artwork and embellishments.

Just enter the coupon code happy6th at checkout to receive 25% off!

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