Thursday, May 31, 2012

Recycling Envelopes

We are big recyclers in our house. Since we moved we seem to recycle even more than we did in our previous home. For example here we save all cardboard packaging. Cereal boxes, cracker boxes, envelopes and the like. In our previous home we did not save any of those types of items just the standard glass, newspaper and plastic.


One way I save money and is to reuse the large envelopes and padded envelopes I receive.  I am a member of Paperback Swap and trade books frequently.  Padded mailers can add up, even if you buy them at the dollar store.


I save every envelope I receive that is in good condition. I currently keep them in a trash can for easy storage.

I remove the label or make sure I cover it in some way. Many times I will put the new mailing label over the old one.  I  cut down a large envelope to fit what ever I am mailing. 

Clear packing tape is a must for resealing the envelopes and I usually purchase it in bulk.


Recycling in this way has saved me a tremendous amount of money over the past couple of years! Just in the last two weeks I have mailed off 12 books. Using envelopes from my stash!

What items do you recycle items or repurpose?

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