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The Book of Books (The Bible Retold)~Book Review


The Book of Books (The Bible Retold) by Trevor Dennis

About the book

The Bible, the story of God's people, has been passed down through the generations. But how often does a combination of the complex or outdated language, the extensive genealogy lists, and the unfamiliar culture stand in the way of young readers' understanding of a truly great story?

In The Book of Books, Trevor Dennis uses his natural gift for storytelling to create a story everyone can understand and enjoy reading. Young readers will appreciate Dennis's honest and simple way of retelling the most famous Bible stories. Written in novel form, each chapter--from the story of creation in Genesis to the description of the Heavenly City found in Revelation--transitions smoothly into the next.

My Thoughts

The Book of Books The Bible Retold is a retelling of the Bible in novel form. Geared to children age 9 through adult. 

I do like the form this book in which this book is written. It reads more like a story than a Bible.  The writer has a nice way of telling the story.

However after reading though some of the stories I have found that were some differences between the Bible stories in this book and the actual Bible. An example is instead of the earth being formless and empty, the writers interpretation is of a desert, not a vast nothingness that the Bible speaks of.

Other examples

When Adam and Eve are banished from the Garden of Eden. In the Book of Books Eve wonders what would have happened if they had eaten from the tree of life. Because God never said that they should not eat from that tree.

In the story of Ruth and Naomi: The Bible tells us that Naomi told Ruth to go to where Boaz was sleeping, remove her cloak and sleep at his feet.

The writers interpretation: Naomi tells Ruth to go to where Boaz is sleeping and remove her clothes and sleep at his feet.

There is a big difference in these meanings in my opinion.

I think this would be a wonderful book to read and discuss with your family. I would make a nice addition to your Bible, but to a new Christian or to someone who has never read the Bible I would use caution.

You can read an excerpt from the book here

About the Author: Trevor Dennis is Vice-Dean of Chester Cathedral, and was formerly Vice-Principal and Tutor in Biblical Studies at Salisbury and Wells Theological College. Among his publications is the highly regarded Speaking of God, a retelling of selected Old Testament incidents in imaginative short stories.

disclosure: I received this book from Kregel for review purposes. No other compensation was received. All opinions in this post and on this blog are my own.


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