Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Sending my dryer on vacation!

I am so happy and excited! I finally have these in my yard!


My clothes poles are finally up! I have been waiting since April for these beauties! I know clothes poles may not excite most of you, but I love hanging laundry outside!

When we moved here back in January (for those of you who don’t know we moved next to my parents)  a clothesline was on my want list. My dad and mom gave us their extra set they were no longer using. Mom had two sets of clothes poles with 5 lines each. There were 7 of us growing up (including my parents) so mom did a lot of laundry. Since it is just her and my dad now they no longer needed the second set of poles. They told us we could have them!

The poles were cemented into the ground and Larry had to dig them up and bring them over here. He did that back in April, but has not been able to get them in the ground until now because either he has been busy working a lot or the weather has not cooperated, so I have waited patiently for him to get them in the ground! 

The poles  metal and very heavy.  Once he had them out of the ground, Larry had to the buy concrete, dig the holes before they could go in the ground. Rain held him up a couple of times.

This past weekend they finally went up, got a fresh coat of paint. Monday I went out and bought clothes line and my dad hung that for me. Yesterday I hung my laundry for the first time in several years!

I have several reasons for wanting a clothesline. I love the way the laundry smells from hanging outside, it saves us money, and saves wear and tear on our clothes! Our electric bill has dropped tremendously since we moved here and having clotheslines will help to keep it lower! Our electric bill for last month was $40 less than the month before and that was with using the dryer. So I am anxious to see how far we can drop it without the use of the dryer. Between my new clotheslines and my homemade laundry soap it costs us very little to do the laundry!

I am very excited to give my dryer a much needed vacation!



Do you have a clothesline?

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