Tuesday, July 17, 2012

My New Organizer Tote

I seem to have a never ending quest to become organized. There have been times I thought I would utterly fail at organizing. I tend to be very messy!  I have many of my school supplies in various areas of the house. Pens and pencils in a holder in the kitchen, scissors and rulers and stapler in the school room. I wanted something that I could put everything in and have all in one place.

My requirements were:

  • it has to be small and compact
  • it needed to hold a lot of items
  • it needed to be sturdy
  • it needed to be easy to move
  • it had to be inexpensive
  • I wanted it to be pretty

I came across those scrapbook totes that have the pockets around the outside of them like this  one.  However $35 was a bit too pricey for me and it was also too big.   

One day while I was shopping at Walmart I came across this little beauty.  It is really compact measuring 5 inches deep, 6 1/4 inches long and 5 inches wide. (not including the pockets). The price was perfect. $6 and I thought it was pretty!

Best of all it holds a ton of stuff!  It has six pockets



This is what I keep in my tote!



Rulers, glue sticks, highlighters, pens, post-it tabs and arrows, index cards, eraser (not pictured, twistables crayons, tape and pencils)


stickers and labels of various shapes and sizes, magnifying glass, calculator, post-its, scrap scissors and a hole punch


glue, small note pads (can you tell I like Hello Kitty?), envelopes, large index cards, note cards, folder tabs, mini stapler, 2 tape measures, office clamps, a large ring, ( clip these right to the tote) a small bag of staples, rubber bands and paper clips and a protractor.

That is a lot of items and there is still room for more! I love that I can pick it up and take it with me from room to room or even in the car!

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