Friday, August 31, 2012

Just Passing Through


This morning while sitting at the school table I noticed something outside the window. I quick grabbed my camera and cautiously opened the door so as not to startle my visitors.

I saw two mamma turkeys walking through the yard. Hello ladies!



I decided to follow them and see where they were headed.


I was delighted to find all of their ‘sisters’ had already passed though and were headed across the yard!  A couple stopped for a quick breakfast as they passed through.


Not a Tom turkey among them! This group has been through here once before since we have lived here and usually there is at least one Tom. We have watched them out in the field across the street and have seen up to 5 Tom’s with them.


I counted at least 14!


They were headed back across the street to the field.


We live on right on a bend and I was sure to watch to make sure all the ladies made it across the road!


A couple of stragglers!


Heading across!


Everyone safely across the road! Stop by again ladies! I love hearing you chatter to one another!

Just another day in the country!


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