Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Swallow Tail Surprise!

Over the weekend I had to run a couple of errands. When I returned home, Kaden came running out to the car with a blue swallow tail butterfly in a jar. We have a lot of them in the yard and I thought he had caught one.

He proceeded to tell me that he found it in our school room on the curtain. Larry said he thought that the green worm (not a caterpillar) Kaden found a couple of weeks ago had turned into a chrysalis and hatched. I really didn’t think that was the case since it was definitely some type of worm and not a caterpillar.


I thought that perhaps the butterfly had gotten in and when someone was going in or out. But then I decided that was not likely since our cat Luke is a real escape artist and we make sure we are careful when we go in or out as we get tired of chasing said cat around the yard.


Not only that the butterfly was acting like it had just hatched. Kaden was able to take the butterfly out and hold it and it did not fly away. Also its wings did not look completely dry.


My three men were disagreeing with me saying it had to have been that green caterpillar. It was a real mystery to me and I decided to check what the swallowtail caterpillar looked like.


It was really a mystery to me….until……I was sitting in our family room  the other night and happened to notice the petrified slug that Kaden had found a couple of weeks ago.

That is what we thought this was. A petrified slug. Now mind you we have never heard of a petrified slug but I am sure there must be a such thing, right?


In all fairness this chrysalis was as hard as a rock! It also did not have that dark brown spot on the end. It sat in that lid for a couple of weeks.



The other night (after we found the butterfly) I decided to pick up the ‘slug’. To my surprise it was hollow! Ah-ha! Mystery solved! We knew where the butterfly came from!


And that green worm? Um…we still have not found him!


The swallow tail hung around for a few hours and then happily flew away!


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