Wednesday, August 29, 2012


Meet Turtle! He was delivered to our house one morning back in the early summer thanks to my parents. They found him crossing the road and thought the boys would enjoy having a turtle.

He is a box turtle. Do you know that box turtles can live up to 100 years? We have no idea how old our friend was.

Justin and Kaden decided to name him Turtle. I know very original! lol!


Each day I had the boys take him outside for some fresh air and exercise.  Last week we decided to leave Turtle outside in our garden for an hour or so. The garden has a short wall and he would stay in there and burrow down in the mulch.

Turtle was pretty quick for a turtle and he loved tomatoes!


I decided to take some pictures of him with the boys the other day.


We had him out there each day for several hours at a time but Saturday while we were having our yard sale, Turtle made his escape! Right under our noses he left! Without even a goodbye or see you later! The boys were a bit sad to see him go.

In a way though it was for the best as we were trying to get the boys to let him go before cold weather arrived.


So Turtle, we hope you are happy and healthy and enjoying the last little bit of summer! We miss you, Turtle! (although mom does not miss cleaning up your area!)

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