Thursday, September 27, 2012

Tadpole Farmin’

In the late summer we had a tadpole farm. Ok, not really, but for a couple of weeks it seemed like we did.

Kaden our lover of all things nature told me he needed a container for the tadpoles he brought home from the ‘pond’.  The pond is actually a large mud puddle in the field next to our home.


The pond.


Can you see the tadpoles?

I found a large bucket for him and he set to work putting his tadpoles in.  About 20 minutes later he comes to me and says that the bucket will surely not hold all of his tadpoles.

He managed to convince me to part with a large clear container. I had not gone out to see his tadpoles and I thought he must have 10 or so of them.

Ummm….no. Kaden had a very large amount of tadpoles! More than I could count!

(these first few pictures are over exposed but I liked them anyway)


These frogs were so tiny. That is Kaden’s hand.


We worried they would not be able to get out of the container and it was very hot!


No worries! These are tree frogs and they have suction cups on their feet!


Kaden pointed out that he had rescued these tadpoles since the ‘pond’ tends to dry up in between rainfall!


This guy still had quite a bit of his tail!


I counted well over 100 tadpoles!



We had to really watch our step around their home since these little guys were jumping out all over the place!


Just love these little guys!


Happy tadpoles!


Heading out in the the great big world!


A new adventure begins!


Kaden wanted to learn more about tadpoles and we found this book on our book shelves and read it together!


I am looking forward to the next animal that Kaden brings home! It is always an adventure with my nature lover! Love that boy!

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